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Feliway Cat Diffusers, Sprays & Refills

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Feliway for Cats: Diffusers, Sprays and Refills

Feliway for Cats—the drug-free, veterinarian-recommended solution to help cats adjust to challenging situations. Feliway uses the power of pheromones—how cats communicate with each other—to keep pets calm and prevent stress-induced behaviors like urine spraying, scratching, fighting or hiding.

FAQs About Feliway for Cats: Diffusers, Sprays and Refills

Feliway uses copies of cat pheromones—or “happy messages”— to reduce conflict and stress in cats and eliminate problem behaviors. It’s veterinarian-recommended to help cats feel calm in a drug-free and appropriate way. And it’s trusted by pet parents around the globe to comfort cats in 50 countries and on 5 continents.

Whether you want to prevent multi-cat conflicts within your home or simply calm your stressed-out kitty, shop at Petco for all your Feliway diffuser and refill needs. Purchase Feliway products online at or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.

Feliway mimics the way cats naturally communicate by releasing a copy of cat pheromones—or “happy messages”—into your home to help cats feel comfortable and secure, which can minimize urine spraying, scratching, or hiding.

You can use Feliway Classic spray in your home or on-the-go to comfort your cat wherever and whenever they need it most. At home, spray at least once daily wherever your cat is peeing. Outside the home, you can spray directly on bedding, inside a cat carrier or in your car. Use at least 8 sprays per area to be treated—which will last 4-5 hours on the surface to which it is applied. Never spray directly on your cat. And wait 15 minutes after applying before allowing your cat near the treated area.

To spread the comforting power of pheromones throughout your living space, plug your Feliway diffuser into an electric socket with a minimum clear distance above the diffuser of 5 feet. One diffuser will work for an area up to 700 sq. ft. Larger or multi-room floors may require more diffusers, spread throughout the home. Leave the diffuser on 24 hours a day so your cat receives constant reassurance. Change refills every 30 days and do not use other companies’ refills in your Feliway diffuser.

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