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Puppy-Proofing Your House

Puppy-Proofing 101

Bringing home a new puppy is a fun and exciting time, but it’s not without its need for prep. As a new dog parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure all of the areas of your home are safe for your puppy to play in or restricted to them. Since puppies are known for their curious and adventurous nature, it’s important conduct a thorough, room-by-room inspection of your home, removing potential hazards as you go. It’s actually a good idea to get on your hands and knees to see your home from your puppy’s perspective!

With the peace of mind that comes with puppy-proofing, you and your new pet can better focus on getting to know each other. Bonus: You’ll likely save some of your belongings from mouths seeking to satiate their teething desires! Use this guide to get started.

How to puppy-proof by room

Additional considerations for dog-proofing per room

  • Stairs or balconies can be of particular concern for young and eager puppies, but a crate can be great for keeping your dog away from these areas. Use this guide to help you find the right size crate for your puppy.
  • If you also have a feline friend in your home, consider their litter box one of the restricted-access items for your dog. Consider a cat door that is too small for your dog to fit through as the solution to this problem.
  • Plants such as azaleas, daffodil bulbs, and daylilies are poisonous to dogs. Keep them out of your home altogether.

  • There are a number of toxic foods to dogs, such as chocolate, onions, and grapes. Be sure you know all potential food risks so you can always be sure to safely stow them away. 
  • Aim to keep your counters clean of food spills and crumbs that may entice puppies into becoming a “counter surfer” as they investigate the smell.

  • Childproof locks are crucial for bathrooms in dog households. These will help ensure dogs don't get into the many dangerous things bathrooms contain, such as toilet water, chemicals, cleaning supplies, and your medications.

  • Don't overlook a dog's curiousity! Even something as simple as your jewelry can present a chocking hazard if not properly stored.
  • Puppies in particular may be tempted to play with wires or cords if they are not covered.

  • A pet door can be very helpful in allowing your dog to safely access your closed-in outdoor areas. Check out the wide variety of pet doors available at Petco today to find the one that is best for your space and your dog.

How to keep dogs out of a room

Try as you may to dog-proof your entire home, there are some times when it might be necessary to keep your dog out of a room entirely. During the holidays, for example, certain holiday decorations, including the tree, can be tempting and dangerous for puppies to play with. This is when a dog gate, doggy door or indoor pen can come in handy.
At the end of the day, we all want what’s best for our pets, and while love and affection is up there in terms of dog priorities, so is appropriate puppy-proofing. Follow the steps above to get started on building your pet-safe abode and visit our new puppy guide to find the best products and tips to keep your pup as safe as possible.