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Puppy Proofing Your Home Inside and Out

Puppy Proofing Your Home Inside and Out

Puppies are inquisitive by nature. If it’s there, you can bet your puppy will get around to checking it out. So, inevitably all those things that seem harmless have the chance to turn into a hazard for your puppy. As a pet parent, anticipating and avoiding a predicament is much better than reacting. So, be on the safe side. Use this list to address anything that could turn into a danger, mess or catastrophe.

Puppy proofing your home

Create a secure space
  • Ensure all doors in your home, including patio entrances, are securely closed
  • Pet doors should be the right size, and close securely
Eliminate possible poisons
  • Keep dangerous foods, such as chocolate and onions out of range
  • Make sure to put away any medication, dietary supplements and antibiotics
  • Check that cleaning supplies are out of reach
  • Dog-proof or remove any poisonous plants
  • Place any pesticides out of reach or replace them with nontoxic substances
  • Use childproof latches on any cabinets containing hazardous substances
Possible puppy problems
  • Secure all the garbage in the house including kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • Keep lid on the toilet bowl closed and stop using any sanitizing flush products
  • Keep your dog away from litter boxes used by any other pets in the house
  • Remove all sharp objects that might cut your dog's paws or mouth
  • Keep all dangerous objects off the floor and out of reach
  • Put away any toys and objects, such as string, that could be dangerous if swallowed
  • Give your dog plenty of proper toys to chew on to avoid finding a dangerous alternative such as electric wiring.

Puppy proofing your yard

Create a secure space
  • Secure gate to the yard and be certain there are no holes through which your dog can get out
  • Make sure your dog can not dig and escape from under the fence
  • Create a barrier between the area used by your dog and any flowerbeds or garden
  • Secure areas with open water, such as a swimming pool or spa
  • Provide your dog with plenty of drinking water and refresh it daily
  • Place the dog house in a primarily shady area
  • Provide your pet with a large enough dog house, which you can clean regularly.
  • Protect your pet from pests with yard sprays
Eliminate possible poisons
  • Throw out or dog-proof any poisonous plants in the yard
  • Make sure your garbage can is secure and inaccessible
  • Ensure your driveway is free of any oil, antifreeze or other spillage
  • Make sure the garage door shuts properly and that your dog can't get to any chemicals or other hazardous materials stored there
  • Keep your dog inside if your lawn is sprayed with chemicals or herbicides
Possible puppy problems
  • Always be sure to pick up your puppy's feces and dispose of it daily

Use this list as a reminder

An easy way to keep on top of all the ways to keep your home safe and sound for your puppy is to print out this list and post it somewhere where everyone in the family can see it. Check it regularly and you will have great success keeping your home a happy and healthy place for your puppy to be.