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Roll over to Petco for a great way to exercise your small pet with one of our hamster and mouse balls.

While you've given your pet a supportive habitat that engages their senses and keeps them comfortable, sometimes they like to get out a little and stretch their legs. Unlike a dog or cat, these little guys can be harder to keep track of once they are out of their home. Hamster balls allow your gerbil, mouse or other pint-sized pets to explore freely while allowing you to more easily keep track of them. You'll discover that most feature a secure top so your hamster or mouse can't escape from the ball while they make a few orbits around an over-sized world. Additionally, your little fellow can easily catch their breath while they are on a roll thanks to ventilation slots that also help keep them cool.

Exercise isn't the only use of a hamster ball. This interactive toy is ideal for pet parents who need somewhere to put their hamster, mouse or gerbil while they clean their habitat. These hamster balls are especially handy if you have a cat or other free-range furry family member, and need to make sure they don't play too roughly with your small pet while you're occupied. If you are concerned about your hamster or mouse rolling down the stairs in a ball, Petco carries a track to keep them revolving close by so you can keep an eye on them.

Let your pocket pet roll around the house worry-free with one of Petco's hamster or mouse balls.