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Pet Rabbit Supplies and Accessories

Rabbits are wonderful pets with their social and loving personalities—not to mention they’re quiet and relatively easy to train. And these gentle furballs need a lot of attention, room to roam and a safe home. Petco has the bunny supplies you need to create a perfect habitat for your pet—from rabbit accessories to keep your pet from getting bored to large items like rabbit cages and hutches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bunny Supplies

Indoor pet rabbit supplies include food, water, a litter box, bedding and toys. Outdoor rabbit supplies include the same necessities but should be focused more on the weather.

Outdoor rabbit hutches will provide the most protection from predators, large and small, as well as from the elements. Be sure your hutch has a water-resistant roof and is made of water-resistant wood. Most importantly, rabbits need protection from the sun, so place the hutch in a shady area of your yard or in a spot that gets minimal direct sunlight.

Check out our handy rabbit pet guide for more helpful tips.

It’s best to provide an array of bunny supplies, so your pet is not only comfy and cozy but also entertained. Here are the essentials that bunnies need in their cage:

  • Water bowl or bottle Some bunnies may use their bowl as a toy. If your pet rabbit is extra playful, use a bottle as an alternative.
  • Food bowl or dispenser Place the rabbit food bowl in an accessible area for easy munching.
  • Litter box Make it easy to litter train your pet rabbit by placing some hay in or near the box or tray, as bunnies often nibble while they use the litter box.
  • Soft padding Lay hay on the bottom of the cage to protect your pet’s paws, give them opportunities to burrow and allow them to chomp on it throughout the day.
  • Rabbit bedding Rabbits like having a designated place to sleep, with bedding made of soft hay or natural fibers. Some bunnies may want to escape into a small, covered structure to get some shuteye.
  • Toys Bunnies are curious, active little creatures, so providing items for them to play with is a must. Petco rabbit toys come in various shapes and sizes, but a few favorites are chew sticks, balls or blocks.

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