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Rabbit Shop: Rabbit Food, Supplies, Toys, Habitats & More

Welcome to the Rabbit Shop at Petco, where you can easily find everything your hopping hombre needs – from rabbit food and treats, to toys, beds, litter, grooming products, and much more.

What supplies do you need for a rabbit?

Setting up a proper habitat is extremely important for both you and your pet rabbit. Before you welcome your new furry friend into your home, use this handy checklist to make sure you have all the rabbit supplies needed.

  • Create a space just for them by setting up a wire cage
  • Line their new habitat with around 1-2” of bedding to help them feel right at home
  • Add a feeder bin and water bottle to prepare for mealtime
  • Have fresh food and hay ready for them to eat daily
  • Keep chew toys on hand for entertainment and treats to help to maintain healthy teeth
  • Include a cozy hideaway where they can relax, and a comfy bed when it’s time to sleep

How do you take care of a rabbit?

A healthy rabbit is an active one; they’re highly sociable pets who thrive on daily interaction.In addition to everything you need to set up a welcoming habitat for your new small animal pet, you’ll also find plenty of rabbit supplies to help maintain their health and wellness, including vitamins and supplements. Rabbits are pretty good at bathing themselves, but they need some help making sure their habitats are fresh as well. You’ll find grooming supplies including brushes, clippers, wipes, and sprays that help keep both your pet and their habitat fresh and clean.

Do rabbits make good pets?

They absolutely do! These small animals are big fans of interacting with not only their pet parents but other rabbits as well. Just be sure to give them a proper introduction before they share a habitat. When handling your pet rabbit, be sure to fully support their bodies -- especially their hind legs. Never pick up a rabbit by their ears, or try holding them on their backs. Follow these tips and both you and your new small animal pet will get along great.

Pet parents who are members of Petco's Repeat Delivery program can have their rabbit's favorite foods delivered right to their door with free shipping and extra savings on select orders.