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Hamster & Gerbil Bedding & Litter

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Hamster Bedding Litter

Part of being a pet parent to a hamster, gerbil or other small animal is setting up the perfect tiny home for your little one. From selecting one of the best hamster and gerbil cages and habitats to small animal bedding and even hamster and gerbil toys and habitat accessories, Petco can help you create the most welcoming habitat for your pet.

FAQs About Hamster Bedding

The most recommended hamster bedding and litter options are often soft or pelleted beddings made from paper materials. This type of bedding is typically absorbent and comfortable and can help control odor better than many other options. When you’re picking hamster, gerbil or guinea pig bedding, make sure that it’s fluffy, comfortable and easy for your pet to burrow.

While there are many options for small animal bedding, cat litter could potentially cause problems as bedding. If you do use cat litter, it should be unscented, a non-clumping formula and be topped off with a lot of soft bedding for your hamster or gerbil. If your pet accidentally ingests a clumping litter, it could be very dangerous, so these litters should be avoided altogether.

In addition to soft paper pelleted beddings, you can use Timothy Hay and some types of wood shavings as bedding. Aspen shavings can be a good, comfortable choice for bedding, while cedar shavings are typically not and may cause nasal and bronchial irritation for your small pet. Plain paper or cardboard may be suitable in a pinch for short-term use but are usually too coarse and uncomfortable for the long term.

Pet parents looking for the right small animal bedding for their hamster, gerbil or guinea pig can shop for various options online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.