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Keeping Your Guinea Pig Well Fed

Eating well is living well. A big part of caring for your guinea pig is giving them a proper diet. As you get to know their personality and habits, you’ll learn which foods they like, what’s best for them to eat, and what should be avoided. But before we start snacking, let’s begin with the basics.

What kinds of food do guinea pigs eat every day?

Guinea pigs eat a mixture of pellets, vegetables, and hay. One cup of pellets and certain vegetables can be given as daily meals. Guinea pigs also graze on hay throughout the day, so be sure to keep their cage fully stocked. Your furry friend will love Timothy hay, while Alfalfa hay should be limited to occasional treats since it’s high in calcium. Other good hay options include orchard grass, barley hay, bluegrass, and bromegrass.

What types of vegetables are best for my guinea pig?

Luckily there are many choices when it comes to choosing fresh vegetables to feed your guinea pig. Some of the best veggie options include light leafy greens, bell peppers, parsley, carrots and dandelion leaves. You can even throw in a few fruits like blueberries, apples and grapes. Be sure to avoid darker greens like kale, as well as broccoli and cauliflower, as they can lead to health issues.

Do I need to give my guinea pig extra vitamin c?

Your veterinarian will likely advise vitamins and supplements. Guinea pigs have a known vitamin C deficiency, so you need to make sure they get enough each day. Take note of foods high in vitamin C and work them into your furry friend’s diet. Another option is mixing liquid vitamin C into their food or water. Just know that this can impact the taste, which your guinea pig may or may not like.

What about baby guinea pigs? What should they eat?

After they’ve finished nursing, baby guinea pigs can eat what full-size guinea pigs eat—they just may need more than one meal per day. Check with your veterinarian for baby guinea pig diet recommendations.

A balanced diet is key to your guinea pig’s health and happiness. Overeating isn’t their way, so providing them with plenty of hay, pellets and veggies will bring out the best in your hungry little pal. Pet parents who are members of Petco’s Repeat Delivery program can have their guinea pig’s food delivered right to their door with free shipping and extra savings on select orders.