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All About Guinea Pig Beds and Hideouts

Guinea pigs sure are busy little creatures. You’ll frequently find them scurrying around their cage. While they’re usually up for social time, you’ll notice even the most outgoing need some down time. That’s where hideaways and beds come in handy!

Guinea pig sleeping habits

Unlike other small animals, guinea pigs are not nocturnal making them pretty active during the day. They can also get by with very little sleep and will take several naps within a 24-hour period—some lasting just a few minutes at a time. Hideouts are great because they supply a safe private place for guinea pigs to nap and play throughout the day.

Do guinea pigs like to hide out?

The easy answer to this is sometimes. While our squeaky little friends do enjoy their social time, they can be a little skittish. Especially when there’s a lot of activity, people or loud noises. A hideaway gives them a place to—you guessed it—hide out if things become too chaotic.

What type of hideout should I get?

Choosing the right guinea pig hideout really comes down to personal preference. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials making it important to get one that suits your furry pal. You of course want it to be large enough but not so large that it takes up more than a quarter of their cage. Whether it’s wooden, plastic or cloth, be sure to choose a hideout that’s made of non-toxic materials since your guinea pig will most likely get curious and give it a chew or two.

Will guinea pigs sleep on a bed?

Guinea pig beds are another option for when your furry friend wants to catch a nap. Each pet is different so yours may prefer to burrow underneath their cage bedding or sneak into their hideaway rather than a bed. Setting up a guinea pig habitat is all about discovering what they like, so feel free to give them a few options. You can try both a bed and a hideaway to see which one your pet prefers.

Even though they may not need a ton of sleep, it’s important for your guinea pig to have a nice, cozy place to relax and enjoy some alone time. Equipping their cage with a bed, hideaway or both, helps them make the most of their short naps. Shop Petco today to keep your furry pal refreshed so they’re ready to spend more quality time!