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Choosing the Best Chinchilla Food

Keep your small pet’s belly full with a meal of wholesome chinchilla food from Petco. A properly balanced diet is necessary for your chin chum to live a happy and healthy life. Read on to learn more about what should be included on their menu.

What do chinchillas eat?

In the wild, a chinchilla likes to munch on leaves, grass, and twigs. Similar to types of other small pets, chinchillas have open-rooted teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives. Therefore, their diet should consist of foods that help them keep their chompers at a reasonable length. A complete meal for your fuzzy friend includes:

  • High-quality grass pellets
  • Timothy hay
  • Limited servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Unlimited access to clean water

Grass pelletsare the most common chinchilla food option. This is because many pellet products contain different types of hay to offer a more nutritionally complete meal package. You will also find pellet mixes crafted with vitamins and minerals — including antioxidants and probiotics — to help your small pet with digestion. Grass pellets are an especially great menu selection for chinchillas that are still growing, thanks to the variety of nutrients packed into each cube.

Hay is an essential part of your chin chum’s diet, and should always be available for your pet to sink their teeth into. Chinchilla hay provides additional nutrients not commonly found in pellet form, like high amounts of fiber. The rough texture also helps to file down their ever-growing teeth. A small hay rack attached to their cage is a great way to keep your furry friend supplied.

Whilefruits and vegetables are an important part of your small pet’s diet, they’re better offered as treats in small portions. Chinchillas are especially partial to dried apples, raisins and blueberries, as well as celery, sweet potatoes, and kale. Keep an eye on the veggies your pet is chewing on and throw out any left over after 24 hours.

Finally, your chinchilla needs access to clean drinking water Help keep their supply fresh by attaching a water bottle to the side of their cage.

When to feed your chinchilla

Chins are nocturnal animals and do most of their playing and eating at night or in the early morning. Offer your pet a fresh bowl of chinchilla food twice a day. Chins like to take their time when they eat; they tend to sit on their haunches and use their front paws to hold food.

Shop Petco’s selection of chinchilla food and hay to keep your fuzzy friend happy and healthy. Find the right food for your pet, then then sign up for Repeat Delivery to get their meals delivered to your home!