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Reptile Sand & Gravel

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Reptile Sand

Reptile sand and gravel is an important part to providing an ideal habitat for your pet. There are plenty of options at Petco for different species.

FAQs About Reptile Sand

Sand developed specifically for reptiles is safe to use for desert species when proper husbandry is provided. These sands are ultra fine to help prevent impaction from over-consumption, and many are fortified with vitamins and minerals for increased health benefits if accidentally ingested.

While gravel or a rock substrate may be used in your aquatic turtle setup, typically fish gravel is not appropriate as it is small enough for the turtle to accidentally ingest it. Rocks in your turtle's habitat should be large enough to prevent them from attempting to eat or swallow them.

This will vary based on your reptile and the size of your habitat. Sand substrate can be spot cleaned and changed every one to two weeks as needed. Gravel in aquatic terrariums should be vacuumed to remove debris, but does not need to be replaced.