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Reptile Habitat Thermometers & Thermostats

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Reptile Thermostats

Reptile thermostats help you keep your cold-blooded friend warm and cozy. Reptiles are unable to regulate their body temperature, they will rely on the temperature and humidity of their habitat to keep them comfortable.

FAQs About Reptile Thermostats

A thermostat helps regulate temperatures for heat maps and cables. These devices are important to prevent accidental overheating and maintain proper temperature of your reptile's habitat.

Ideally you should be aware of the ambient temperature of your habitat, as well as the temperature of the warm and the cool end to ensure your reptile has an appropriate gradient as needed by their species. Humidity gauges are best placed near the center of the habitat and midway between the ground and top.

As some reptiles are diurnal while others are nocturnal, a timer can help ensure your reptile gets the exact number of hours needed of daytime and nighttime temperature and lighting without requiring you to manually turn it on and off.