Reptile Habitat Light Fixtures & Hoods

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Reptile Light Fixtures and Hoods for Habitats

Your pet reptile needs to feel cozy and comfortable in its home which means having the right reptile lamps. Help keep your reptile happy day and night with Petco’s variety of reptile light fixtures—such as dome lamps, habitat hoods, clamp lamps and reptile light stands—providing the right kind of light for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

UVB light is the most important, as this mimics the light the animal receives in their natural habitat and enables them to produce vitamin D3—necessary for absorbing calcium. The amount of UVB light that reptiles need varies. UVA light may also be necessary to encourage natural behaviors such as breeding and eating. Just make sure you replace your reptile UVB light according to the manufacturer’s recommendation—as the amount of UVB light in fluorescent bulbs decreases over time.

Some sun- and heat-loving reptiles—like a bearded dragon, desert iguana or tortoise—will need dedicated reptile light bulbs with higher amounts of UVB light and emit more heat. Others, such as nocturnal reptiles or those that spend more time in forested habitats, may only need regular light bulbs with varying wattage. Check out our guide to choosing the right reptile heat lamp to help you decide what’s best for your pet.

Some reptiles may need blue light at night, while others prefer darkness for proper sleep. Research your pet’s natural environment and consult your veterinarian to determine the type of night lighting needed. If your reptile needs heat at night, adjust your home’s thermostat or purchase a nighttime heat lamp to manage its temperature more accurately.

Most LED lights don’t emit UV light or only give off tiny amounts. If your reptile needs high amounts of UVB, purchase a dedicated reptile UVB light. LED lights are typically used for insects.

Don’t leave your reptile UVB light on at night, as it can disrupt your pet’s natural circadian rhythm, which affects disposition, appetite and overall health. Some reptiles might need a moonlight lamp, which emits a dark blue light, especially if they are nocturnal.