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Leopard Gecko Cages, Tanks & Terrariums

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Leopard Gecko Tanks and Terrariums

Leopard geckos are popular reptilian pets that can vary in color and have peppy personalities that can make them fun to interact with. They require minimal care—in comparison with other lizards—and are great pets for beginners. One of the first things you’ll need when creating a welcoming environment for your new reptile is a leopard gecko enclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leopard Gecko Enclosures

To house a single pet, your leopard gecko tank should be at least 10 gallons in size. If you decide to bring more geckos into the family, you’ll need to get a terrarium 5 gallons bigger for each additional reptile. Leopard geckos do well with two or three in one tank—but only one should be male to avoid them getting territorial.

When considering your leopard gecko tank setup, you should keep your reptile’s comfort in mind. In the daytime, the habitat temperature should remain between 75- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. At night, they prefer to be around 10-degrees cooler.

Keep your leopard gecko terrarium mostly dry but provide an area for your lizard to get moisture—like adding a small damp clump of reptile moss for your pet to enjoy.

Substrate is the material put down to line the bottom of your gecko’s tank. Because the leopard gecko substrate is a surface that your pet will lie on and eat from, it should be made from a suitable material designed for reptiles. Reptile carpet is also an ideal option for your pet.

There are plenty of ways to make your tank aesthetically pleasing and more welcoming for your new lizard.

  • Backdrop Incorporating a natural-looking reptile habitat background into your glass leopard gecko enclosure will not only make the tank look nice but also helps your pet to feel more protected.
  • Places to Hide Your leopard gecko will enjoy having rocks, caves and branches to hide and climb. Inside one of these hiding spots is the perfect area to incorporate the moist peat moss for their comfort. to hide and climb. Inside one of these hiding spots is the perfect area to incorporate the moist peat moss for their comfort.
  • Lamps Your leopard gecko will need a source of both incandescent light and heat that imitates sunlight to keep them healthy.
  • Water Bowl A water source is needed not only for your gecko to drink but also to give a small amount of humidity to the leopard gecko habitat.