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Chameleon Cages, Tanks & Enclosures

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    Chameleon Cages, Tanks, Enclosures and Habitats

    Help your chameleon feel right at home in a lush, multilevel chameleon habitat. Choose from some of the best chameleon cages at Petco—from the appropriate chameleon enclosures to heating lamps and lighting. Choosing the right solutions for your chameleon cage setup is important for the well-being of your pet. We even sell reptile pet carriers for when you and your pet are on the go.

    FAQs About Chameleon Enclosures

    To clean your chameleon’s cage, remove its waste, uneaten food and skin that has been shed on a daily basis. The weekly cleaning process should include removing most of the decorations from the chameleon habitat, wiping them down and sanitizing them, if necessary. Disinfect any food and water containers, furnishings and the tank itself with a 3% bleach solution, making sure to rinse and dry well before replacing them back in the tank.

    A typical chameleon cage will be about 2-feet long, 2-feet wide and between 3- and 4-feet high. These dimensions can help give your pet enough room to move around, both vertically and horizontally.

    Here are some important items to include in your chameleon terrarium:

    • Plants and hideaways These are important for mimicking your pet’s natural habitat, as chameleons love to perch, hide and sleep on the branches of small trees and plants.
    • Heat source Make sure there is a spot in your chameleon cage setup for a basking lamp.
    • UVB lightbulb Chameleons, and most reptiles, need UVB light to help them absorb calcium, which is crucial for your pet’s health.
    • Mister You can use either a hand-held sprayer or incorporate a misting system with your chameleon tank. They will drink the droplets that accumulate on the plants’ leaves.

    Incorporate a mix of plants, vines and branches so the chameleon habitat is primed for your pet to move around. A few popular plants include ficus trees, golden pothos, bromeliads and dragon trees. Make sure to affix branches and vines from the bottom of the chameleon cage to the top, with a mix of plants and leaves at every level.

    Chameleons cannot internally regulate their temperature, so different temperature gradients should be incorporated into the chameleon enclosure. The basking spots can range from 80 to 100 degrees, while the rest of the cage should be in the 70s—and no less than high 40s at night. Check out our Veiled Chameleon care sheet for more helpful tips.

    A chameleon mesh enclosure is often best for this reptile species because it allows for proper ventilation and natural light. Find the perfect habitat for your chameleon, gecko, bearded dragon and other lizards at Petco.