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Cat Halloween Costumes

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Cat Halloween Costumes

When you’re all dressed up in your Halloween best, it’s the perfect time to get festive with your feline friend by trying out a cat costume. Petco can help take your group costumes to the next level with a selection of cute cat costumes to help your pet celebrate the Halloween holiday in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to dress your cat in a costume, it’s all about the comfort of your kitty. Some pets may feel just fine wearing a cat Halloween costume right off the bat, while others may take a little more coaxing. Just remember your cat’s comfort as the priority to help keep them happy and relaxed.

A few things to think about when considering a cat costume:

  • Fit Make sure the costume fits well, and that your cat can easily move without restriction.
  • Stay Simple Choose a simple costume if it’s a new experience to keep your kitty comfortable. Try a t-shirt or hat and see how they do.
  • Try and Reward Start by leaving the cat Halloween costume out for your feline to see, then drape it across them and let them feel it. Make sure to give them plenty of praise and treats so it’s a positive experience.

It’s best to select a costume based on how comfortable your cat is with wearing clothes. Your feline friend might only feel happy in a simple scarf or hat, or they may be just as comfortable in something more elaborate. If your kitty shows any signs of discomfort, scale back.

When you’re deciding on the best costume for your feline friend, there are a lot of fun options to consider. Maybe you’re dressing your black cat in Halloween costume bat wings or feeling regal with your kitty in a pretty princess dress. Whether you’re going for sweet or funny cat costumes, Petco offers a range of styles.

While some cats like to wear clothes, not every feline will feel comfortable in a cat costume. It’s best to let them try it on, make sure it fits comfortably, then let your kitty play and move around freely. Keep an eye on your pet to make sure they aren’t trying to remove the costume or seem uncomfortable. If they freeze, try to hide, flop over or scratch at the clothes, it’s best to remove the costume.