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Shop cat Halloween costumes, wigs, and accessories

Do the zombie shuffle into Petco for cat Halloween costumes and wig options to dress your kitty up for a scarily successful night of spooks. Petco has the comfortable and creepy cat costumes and wigs to showcase your feline’s fashionable side and swivel a few heads when you’re both ready to paint the town red. Just try not to be too shocked when your cat’s costume steals your spotlight.

Cats in general are known for their independence and not all of them immediately take to the idea of cat costumes, wigs, or other apparel accessories hanging from their frame. Pet parents hoping to introduce their feline friends to the litter of Halloween cat costumes available to try out at Petco are urged to take it slow and stay patient. Your kitty might need some time to warm up to the idea of accessorizing with cat Halloween costume items, so be sure they have plenty of time to sniff out, and get comfortable with, your costume choice before you both head out for the evening. Doing so helps reduce the stress they can feel, making them much more comfortable, so the two of you can concentrate on scaring your party guests.

Cool cats and pet parents who prefer a more casual approach to dressing up can dig up plenty of cat wigs and other accessories to get the feline friend in the spirit of the season. Overly elaborate Halloween cat costumes can leave your kitty in a mood that could frighten the undead. Make sure you are both enjoying the night as much as possible with a comfortably fitting cat wig of collar accessory.

No matter how festive your feline likes to get, Petco has the cat Halloween costumes & wigs to help show off their style.