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Saltwater Aquariums, Tanks & Kits

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Saltwater Aquariums, Tanks & Kits

If you’ve maintained a saltwater aquarium before, you know the joy and excitement it can bring to your home. And you also know that saltwater aquarium setup and maintenance requires careful attention. If you’re new to fishkeeping, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

FAQs about Saltwater Aquariums, Tanks & Kits

Setting up a saltwater aquarium is an involved process that requires multiple steps and careful attention. Check out our guide to setting up a saltwater aquarium for help.

Make sure you check the cleaning instructions for each piece of equipment in your aquarium. At Petco, we carry a wide range of saltwater test kits and water care for ongoing tank maintenance.

Saltwater fish tanks are measured by the gallon. We recommend you choose as large of a fish tank as possible for your fish to flourish.

That depends on your experience as a fishkeeper. Keeping a saltwater fish tank can be equally challenging and rewarding.

You should account for a 24-48 hour stabilization period between tank setup and adding fish. During this time you should ensure the temperature is stable, the heater works properly, and any gases or cloudiness dissipate.