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Pond Pumps

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Pond Pumps

Ponds can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. And if you have a pond—in order to properly maintain it—you’re going to need some tools and equipment. These may include pond deicers, pond water care supplies and a pond water pump.

FAQs About Pond Pumps

Ideally, your pond water should be circulated at least once an hour. If you have a 1000-gallon pond, then a pond pump that runs at least 1000-gallons-per-hour will be the best choice for you and your fish.

A pond pump will help circulate and oxygenate your pond water. A waterfall pump is different. For a waterfall, you’ll be pumping water to create the water feature, and you’ll need to determine how wide you want your flow of waterfall to be. Every inch of stream width will need to pump 100-gallons-per-hour at the height you’re pumping. For example, if your pond pump needs to lift the water up 5 feet to the top of the waterfall, you’ll need a waterfall pump that moves 100-gallons-per-hour at 5 feet.

To get you started, here’s a list of some of the essential pond supplies that many pond enthusiasts enjoy.

  • Pond deicers
  • Pond filters
  • Pond lighting
  • Pond pumps
  • Pond cleaners and water care
  • Pond food
  • Pond skimmers

Yes. Especially if you have live fish living in your pond, you will need a pond water pump. If there is no pond pump running in the water, the water will not circulate, and the life inside your pond will die. Even if you don’t have pets in your pond, circulation and filtering can be vital in keeping your water from becoming stagnant and a target for mosquitoes and bacteria. Think of your pond pump as the “beating heart” of your pond.