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Live Betta Fish for Sale at Petco

Featuring jewel-bright colors and elegant, flowing fins, betta fish are the perfect low maintenance introduction for pet parents looking to test the waters of aquarium ownership. Petco offers a wide selection of male and female betta fish for sale in store and online, including a number of unique species. This freshwater fish looks great in a variety of habitats, which makes them the ideal choice for homes and offices. Petco also offers all the supplies you need - like food, tanks, and decor - to properly care for your betta fish.

Setting Up Your Betta's Habitat

Before setting up your new betta’s habitat, it’s important to understand their disposition. The female betta fish has a community-minded temperament and will generally share a tank with other female bettas and non-aggressive fish. Male betta fish can also live successfully in community tanks, but a male should never be placed in an aquarium with another betta fish (male or female). Pet parents who want to buy a male betta fish are strongly urged to keep them in a tank separated from other bettas.

Caring For Your New Betta Fish

Another interesting characteristic of the betta fish is their ability to breathe from the water's surface through their labyrinth organ in addition to gills. This unique feature means they can be kept in a bowl or tank without an air supply. They also prefer to feed from the surface, and thrive best on a diet high in protein and fiber to maintain their strength. Talk to a Petco partner in store for resources and additional tips for raising your betta fish.

FAQs About Betta Fish

A betta fish should be housed in a ¼ gallon fish tank or larger. This allows for normal activity and less toxic build up in their environment.

Your betta should be fed two small meals every 12 hours. Feeding them once in the morning and once at night will allow your betta to adopt a routine.

Betta fish do best in stable water conditions. Although not required, housing them in a filtered tank helps to maintain beneficial bacteria and neutralize ammonia and nitrates.

Betta fish typically live an average of 3 to 5 years.

Betta fish are native to Asia and live in shallow water such as marshes, ponds, and slow-moving streams.

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