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Aquarium Water Pumps and Powerheads

Whether you have a simple freshwater or a large marine aquarium, you need a fish tank pump. These aquarium pumps help circulate and filter the water in your tank in order to maintain good water quality. As a pet parent, it’s crucial that you help maintain a good quality of life for the plants and fish in your aquarium. Read on for help choosing the right pump for your tank.

FAQs about Aquarium Air Pumps & Tank Pumps

Consider a submersible aquarium pump. Submersible aquarium pumps are designed to run under water, and are therefore quieter than inline pumps.

Each fish tank pump will come with its own usage instructions. Be sure to check the packaging and inserts for help setting up.

The right aquarium pump depends on the size of your tank, the needs of the aquatic life you keep, and a number of other factors. At Petco, we have a wide variety to suit even the pickiest fishkeeper.