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aquarium air pumps: air pumps for fish tanks

Aquarists of all levels understand the importance of aquarium water pumps and their role in water movement and maintaining premium water quality for the health of their fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates. Because of the wide assortment of inline aquarium water pumps and power heads available, it can often take some research to find the best fish tank aerators for your pet's home. By keeping the size and type of your pet's home into consideration, along with the aquatic life it will be housing, you can determine whether to opt for submersible or inline aquarium water pumps. Learn more about the differences in water movement and circulation preferred by your fish, corals, and other aquatic life and find the best fish tank pump to promote their health and longevity.

Whether you have a simple freshwater or a large marine aquarium, you need a fish tank pump to provide adequate water circulation and filtration in order to maintain good water quality. Inline fish tank pumps are recommended for pet habitats that need to maintain a relatively cool temperature as they remain outside of the tank and do not risk heating the water surrounding it. Aquarium pumps that are fully submersible on the other hand tend to be quieter because they are designed to run underwater and are ideal for pet parents with a preference for keeping quiet homes. There are also multifunctional power heads and fish tank pumps available that are designed to circulate water through under-gravel filters and protein skimmers. While it's not necessary for most freshwater habitats to have flowing currents, fish tank aerators and aquarium pumps can help oxygenate your pet's water.

Browse through all of the varieties available at Petco and you're bound to find the best aquarium pump to suit the needs of your aquatic pets and plants.