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Aquarium Replacement Bulbs

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Aquarium Replacement Bulbs

Lighting is an essential part of any aquarium habitat—most aquarium-dwelling pets can benefit from various aquarium light setups. There are a few selections to choose from:

  • Incandescent bulbs 
  • T-5 and T-8 fluorescent bulbs 
  • Metal Halide bulbs
  • LED bulbs 
  • Power compact bulbs 
  • UV bulbs  

FAQs About Aquarium Lights

8 to 12 hours is usually the maximum amount of time you should keep aquarium lamps lit. It’s good to turn them off at night to mimic your pet’s habitat in the wild—living under constant light may be a stressor for your pet.

If you’re housing reptiles, it’s often a good idea to give them a warm spot and a cool spot. That way, they can take a break from the heat if needed. If you have plants, make sure all of them have access to the rays.

It’s important to do your research and find out exactly what size, color and intensity your plants or pets need before purchase. Then follow the directions on the packaging carefully—you should always use extreme caution when installing anything fueled by electricity around water.

Yes. LED lights are actually an excellent choice for plant life due to their ability to mimic natural light cycles. Just make sure to research how much light your plant needs so you can get the correct spectrum.