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aquarium lighting: fish tank lights & hoods

Shop for aquarium hoods and lighting at Petco and craft the perfect ambiance needed to keep your pets happy and healthy. Even though underwater pets are not known for being companion animals, watching them can often make for a soothing experience when the proper fish tank lights are used. Aquarium lights also play a key role in maintaining good water quality and promoting a stress-free environment for your fish. Fish tank lights range in a wide spectrum of brightness and color through LED aquarium lighting or fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent bulbs. Various fish tank lights are specifically designed for different aquarium sizes and water depths, and the various fish and live plants within them. Because different types of fish, plants and coral thrive under different aquarium lighting, your options will vary based on the size of your aquarium and the types of pets you house. Smaller aquarium setups can be furnished with smaller, dimmer lights while more intense lighting is recommended for deeper tanks as it may be difficult for the rays to move through deeper water.

Another necessary component are aquarium hoods or canopies. Canopies not only keep fish from jumping out of their tanks, they also prevent dirt, dust, insects and other foreign debris from falling into your aquarium. If you have a warm water, aquarium hoods benefit your tank by slowing down the rate at which it evaporates. Because they often have built in aquarium lights, they can also provide your fish tank lights whatever bulb option you need. You may even consider getting a timer, to make this aquarium hood and lighting set up even easier. Just remember to pick up replacement bulbs so your pets can enjoy consistent aquarium lighting.

By learning more about different aquarium lighting and hood options, you can help to promote a healthy environment for your favorite fish friends.