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Aquarium UV Clarifiers

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Aquarium UV Clarifiers

UV clarifiers work to keep your tanks cleaner longer by removing free-floating algae, and reducing bacteria and pathogens that find their way into your aquarium. They can either be fully or partially submerged in the water. We recommend putting them somewhere easy to reach, preceded by the biological and mechanical filters so the water entering the clarifier is as clear as possible. The bulb will need maintenance or replacing from time to time. At Petco, we have water clarifiers, UV and LED replacement bulbs in various wattages for big and small tanks. UV clarifiers are a must-have component in your aquarium, whether you’re a new fish hobbyist or a master aquarist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquarium UV Clarifiers

Check the instructions that come with the UV clarifier you purchase—each system is a little different. Though it’s a good idea to ensure your tank is set up near a power source, as your UV clarifier will require electricity to function properly.

UV clarifiers help control pathogens in your aquarium and remove free-floating algae and bacteria. A UV sterilizing system keeps your aquarium cleaner, so you won’t need to clean your tank as often.

That depends on your budget, how you plan to maintain your tank, and the size of your aquarium.

We recommend positioning the UV clarifier in an easy-to-reach place in your tank, preceded by the biological and mechanical filters. The UV light needs to penetrate the water to be effective. As such, the water should be as clear as possible when it enters the clarifier. Also, you’ll likely need to replace the bulbs and provide routine maintenance to the clarifier, like cleaning any film or mineral deposits on the lamp.

Most aquarium UV clarifiers need to run 24 hours a day in order to do their job. Review the instructions that came with your unit for additional guidance.