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Aquarium Brushes, Nets, & Cleaners

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Aquarium Brushes, Nets, and Cleaners

Keeping your aquarium clean is an important part of maintenance for the health of your fish and aesthetics of your tank. Even with good water quality, occasional algae and scum can build up on the glass and accessories in your aquarium. Using an aquarium scrubber can help remove build-up without scratching your tank. There are a variety of scrubbers out there, some being controlled by a magnet or a handle so that your hand does not have to be submerged in the water of your tank, or with a special pad for acrylic tanks to reduce the risk of scratches. Specialized brushes and scrapers can also aid in getting hard-to-reach places where algae is growing.

FAQs About Aquarium Brushes, Nets, and Cleaners

Although some aquatic animals should be scooped in a way where they are never exposed to air, most fish and other aquatic animals are safe to be removed temporarily with a fish net. A net is gentle enough to scoop up your fish without scooping up excess water to quickly relocate them to another area.

Specialized scrubbers and magnets will aid in keeping your aquarium clean of algae buildup on the inside of the glass. These can be specially made for acrylic to reduce the risk of scratching as well. Some are operated by a magnet on the outside of the tank, while others have a handle so your hand does not have to be exposed to the aquarium water.