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Aquarium Stands & Cabinets

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Aquariums Stands, Fish Tank Stands, And Cabinets

We have the best fish tank stands for everyone from beginner hobbyists to master-level aquarists. Find the right stand for your fish tank online or in-store at Petco. Choose from our 10 gallon, 11-19 gallon, 20-39 gallon or 40+ gallon stands. Our aquarium stands are easy to assemble or come ready to go, in metal and wood. They’re also available in a variety of colors and finishes to complement your existing home decor. Shop and buy online, or order online and pickup free in-store with select models.

FAQs About Aquariums Stands, Fish Tank Stands, And Cabinets

We have specially made furniture that’s meant to hold fish tanks and aquarium tanks. Whether you choose a minimal stand or one with cabinets—the unique requirements of these tanks require uniquely suited furniture.

It is not recommended to have a fish tank wider or longer than the stand its on.

The height of an aquarium stand depends on a few factors. You want to make sure it’s out of reach of children and other pets. And you want to make sure the stand is tall enough and the size required for the number of gallons of water your tank holds.