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Betta Fish Heating & Lighting

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Betta Fish Heaters

Betta fish are tropical fish that benefit from a heater maintaining a consistent water temperature in their environment. As Bettas are generally kept in smaller aquariums under 10 gallons, a lower wattage heater should be chosen to prevent overheating of the aquarium. There are several submersible heaters available for small aquariums, including adjustable heaters and compact, flat heaters that are easy to hide behind décor and don't take up a lot of space in the aquarium. A thermometer should be visible in your Betta's aquarium to ensure the water is maintaining the correct temperature or if heater settings need to be adjusted.

FAQs About Betta Fish Heaters

MAs Bettas do need water temperature between 72-82F, a heater is ideal for the best care for your Betta, especially when kept in homes that are kept on the cooler side.

Although bettas can live in small aquariums, an ideal habitat should be large enough for a filter and heater as well as ample room for décor and swimming area.