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Dog Strollers & Carriers

Dog strollers and carriers are a great solution for pet parents and small dogs alike. Whether you’re traveling, going to the veterinarian or need a safe space for your dog in a busy area, a carrier is a great option. Dogs with limited mobility—due to age or injury—can benefit from the fresh air of a daily walk while nestled in a stroller, and strollers can be a good option if you as a pet parent have limited mobility. Rather than risking further injury to yourself with a leash, a dog stroller makes for an easy walk at your pace.

FAQs About Dog Strollers & Carriers

Yes! Petco offers a wide variety of strollers and carriers to help you travel with your dog.

Dog strollers can help your pup with limited mobility travel safely and comfortably alongside you. They’re also a good idea if you need to protect your pup from extreme weather, if you’re going for a long run, or you’ll be in a high-traffic area.

That depends on the needs of you and your dog. We have strollers for everyday use, or carriers to help with the occasional veterinarian visit. Make sure you read the dimensions of each carrier first. Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around while being transported.