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Antler Chews

With traditional rawhide bones falling out of favor, pet parents are increasingly interested in alternative dog chews. Highly digestible rawhide is a popular option for dogs who love to gnaw, but the choices don’t stop there. Petco has a big selection of alternatives to traditional rawhide, including antlers and horns, to keep chew time interesting and enjoyable for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs love to chew, and chewing is a natural behavior for dogs that can help keep their teeth and gums in good shape. While bones are the chew toy most widely associated with dogs, alternatives like antler chews can add variety. Antlers are firm, durable and available in a range of sizes, making antler dog chews an appealing option for pups and their pet parents.

The deer antler dog chew is one of the most popular dog antlers chew toy options for dogs with firm bites. Deer antler tends to be denser than an elk antler dog chew, making deer a great choice of antler for bigger dogs with powerful jaws. Keep in mind that deer antler dog chews should not be given to puppies or other dogs with soft, small teeth, as their firm texture has the potential to lead to dental injury.

Like any other dog chew, there are pros and cons of antlers for dogs. When dogs are given the correct antler chews and supervised, a deer or elkhorn dog chew can add variety to the standard dog bones familiar to pet parents. And many antler chews are good for helping to clean dog’s teeth and freshen their breath while satisfying their urge to chew.

However, there is the potential for dogs with strong bites to shatter their dog horn chew and swallow the shards, which then poses a choking hazard and can also cut the inside of a dog’s mouth. Giving a small dog a deer antler dog chew that is too large or firm could present a risk of tooth breakage, while antler chews that are too small or soft for big dogs may entice them to try to swallow them. You can keep antler dog chews suitable for your canine companion by choosing the right size and density for your pup.

A water buffalo horn dog chew is another popular option for dogs. Like antlers, a dog horn chew is firm and long-lasting, and even digestible when your dog ingests small particles slowly over time. Just keep an eye out, as with all horn and antler chews, to make sure your buffalo horn dog chew doesn’t splinter with use and make sure you get the right size of chew for your dog. You’ll find a variety of bone alternatives like ears and other chews at Petco.