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Diapers for Dogs and Puppies

Incontinence in our dogs and puppies can happen. At Petco, we have dog diapers in a wide array of sizes and varieties. Diapers for dogs can have many practical uses. They can often be used as a safety net for older pups who have limited bladder control and may not make it outside in time. Our female dog diapers may provide a solution for dogs in heat, and our puppy diapers can be great for little ones who can't make it through the long nights or who are just learning their house-training behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog diapers can often be beneficial for dogs and puppies with relevant issues and when used correctly. While not designed to replace proper training and frequent trips outside, they can potentially give both you and your pet more freedom and fewer accidents. You may be relieved with more peace of mind that you won't come home to an unexpected mess, and your dog will greet you with their happy dance instead of feeling guilty from having an accident. Our large dog diapers accommodate bigger breeds, and our small dog diapers provide security for our pint-sized pups. Consult your veterinarian to make sure the cause of incontinence isn't due to underlying issues.

Our diapers for dogs are designed to cater to your dog's unique shape and need for mobility. Dog diapers have specialized fasteners that work better with your pup’s fur and are custom-made for the way dogs move instead of humans.  They also have an all-important cut-out for their tail.

The key to keeping dog diapers in place is making sure they fit correctly and are attached according to the directions. It's important to make sure they're small enough to stay put and not so loose that they move around when your dog is going about their day. Luckily, Petco has a great selection of dog diapers for you to choose from to find the suitable choice for your dog.

To find some of the best dog diapers, shop online or visit us at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center. We offer additional savings if you opt for Curbside Pickup.