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Artificial Dog Grass

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Fake and Artificial Grass for Dogs

If you don’t have access to nature 24/7, artificial grass for dogs helps make your pet’s environment feel more comfortable and natural. An outdoor fake grass dog potty can prevent your real lawn from nitrogen damage that’s caused by dog urine. An indoor grass patch for dogs helps with potty training and apartment living. Artificial grass for dogs is a great tool to use along with house training and behavior training. Petco’s online and in-person dog training fits your needs and schedule and helps you train with fake grass for dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you’re house-training a puppy or new dog
  • When you live in an apartment with limited access to a yard/lawn for your dog to go to the bathroom
  • If you work long hours and can’t always be home in time to let your dog out
  • If your dog has urinary tract infections or is sick, disabled or senior
  • When your dog is healing from an injury
  • If your dog is emotionally fragile and needs a place to relieve themself where they’re not afraid

Yes. Fake grass for dogs is proven to work for many canines. In fact, some of the best artificial grass for dogs is more resilient than typical lawns, able to withstand repeated bathroom use and frequent dog clawing without wearing down. Whether you’re using dog grass pee pads or synthetic turf, fake grass for dogs is designed with antimicrobial agents, odor neutralization and is easy to clean.

Although most fake grass for dogs to pee on is designed with easy cleaning in mind, you can use additional solutions to deodorize the area. If your fake grass pee pad is still giving off urine odor, check out dog odor removal and cleaners to solve any lingering smells.

It can be hard to know how to train a dog to pee on a potty patch. If you’re ready to get started training your new pup to use artificial grass as a dog potty, you can book an online in-home training appointment with one of our experienced training specialists. If you plan on pairing potty training with behavioral training like barking, chewing and cues, shop training supplies at Petco, and get everything you need to start learning with your pet.

When you’re installing artificial grass for dogs to pee on, you’ll want to consider the best place for the grass. If you’re using indoor dog grass pads, you can also combine additional grass pads to make a bigger area for larger breeds or multiple dogs. Portable tray options can move from indoor to outdoor, while grass patch mats fit over pee pads for tidy indoor use.