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fake & artificial grass potty pads for dogs

Pop into Petco and peruse the selection of fake grass for dogs to help your pup potty train the proper way. Your dog may be used to going potty in the grass of your yard. While potty training pads can mitigate any messy clean ups inside, your picky pooch may be reluctant to switch up their routine. Artificial grass for dogs lets your pooch ease into indoor training by providing them with a familiar feeling surface. Many dog grass pads are designed for multiple uses. The liquid collects in a tray below the dog potty grass to make emptying it more convenient. Moreover, since your dog’s urine drains away from the grass pad, you won’t have to worry about wet paw prints parading through your home. A weekly rinse of the fake grass for dogs will help keep it tidy and odor-free for your pup.

For those pet parents that may not have time to come home and let them out for bathroom break, fake grass for dogs provides your pooch a green spot to go so they don’t have to hold it all day. During harsh weather, your dog will appreciate going on their artificial grass instead of braving the elements to do their thing. Additionally, for those living on the upper floors of an apartment, dog grass pads save you a trip down the stairs or a walk through your neighborhood when your pup needs to go late at night.

Keep your pooch going on the green with Petco’s fake and artificial grass potty pads for dogs.