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Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles can be used as a temporary aid in known stressful situations. When used and fitted properly, muzzles for dogs can keep your pup, and everyone else, secure and assured with you in control. While dog muzzles may not prevent aggression, they can prevent the behavior that stems from aggression. For example, muzzles might discourage your dog from such unpleasant behaviors as biting, chewing or barking. This can be a safety precaution if your dog will be around unfamiliar dogs or people. And as a pet parent, a muzzle might make you feel more confident when bringing your dog into certain situations.

Dog muzzles might also be helpful while training your pup, easing them into new social situations, or even the occasional veterinarian visit. So it’s important to understand that different muzzles are used for different purposes. Need help finding the right size and material of the muzzle your pup needs? At Petco we offer nylon and basket muzzles, in sizes XS to XXL, and even have shapes made to fit broad-nosed pups. When fitting your dog for a muzzle, remember that they should be able to pant and drink comfortably at all times, and that most muzzles should only be worn for 15 to 45 minutes at a time.

FAQs About Dog Muzzles

A muzzle should not be used to curb barking.

It depends on the fit of the muzzle. Most products recommend 15 to 45 minutes maximum.

The measurements needed will vary by type of muzzle. We recommend following the product instructions to find the most appropriate size for your dog. Muzzles should fit securely and comfortably around your dog, always allowing them to drink, pant and of course receive treats for good behavior.

Your veterinarian or dog trainer might recommend a muzzle for socializing new dogs, as a training aid, or during stressful situations. Muzzles should always be properly measured in order to guarantee your dog can still pant and drink properly.

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