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Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles can be used as a temporary aid in known stressful situations. Note, however, that it is imperative that the dog be properly trained through positive reinforcement methods and desensitized to the muzzle proactively before it is needed for new environments or introductions. When used and fitted properly, a muzzle can help keep your pup—and everyone they encounter secure, with you in control. While muzzles may not prevent aggression, they can prevent a bite from breaking the skin of a human or animal. As a pet parent, knowing that a muzzle can help reduce/prevent injury to another human or animal, might make you feel more comfortable in stressful situations with your dog such as meeting new dogs or people. Dogs are very perceptive and often act on our emotions. If you’re comfortable, your dog should feel less stressed as well. This then leads to opportunities where you are able to reinforce good/desirable behaviors with the safety net of a muzzle ultimately resulting in safer, successful encounters.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, muzzles do not curb barking and should not be used for that purpose. Bark scent collars and further training can give pet parents steps to modify barking behavior using positive reinforcement.

It depends on the fit and type of the muzzle. Most manufacturers recommend 15 to 45 minutes maximum. Prior to longer wear (15-45 minutes), pet parents must take the time to get the dog comfortable with the muzzle before stressful events take place.

The answer varies by muzzle type. We recommend following the product instructions to find the most appropriate size for your dog. It should fit securely and comfortably around your dog. Basket muzzles always must allow them to drink, pant and of course receive treats for good behavior. Nylon muzzles will prevent panting and drinking when fitted correctly and should only be worn for short periods.

Your veterinarian and dog trainer might recommend a muzzle for socialization, as a training aid or during stressful situations. Pet parents should spend time with the dog getting them comfortable with a muzzle prior to stressful events. Muzzles should always be properly measured in order to guarantee your dog a comfortable fit and may need adjustments or size changes. Consult a veterinarian or dog trainer if you have questions about how a specific muzzle fits your dog.