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Interactive Dog Toys

Keeping your dog occupied and entertained throughout the day can sometimes be a challenge. During your free time, you might be more than happy to use interactive dog toys to engage with your dog and help keep them active and stimulated, but you can’t always be at your dog’s side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help keep your dog occupied while you are at work by having a rotating supply of stimulating dog toys such as chew toys, dog puzzles and bones that are fun to chew. Switching out the toys from time to time may help to maintain your dog’s interest. When you have breaks, initiate playtime, so your pup knows to anticipate fun times together throughout the day.

There are a few options for dog parents with active pups that they need to keep occupied. Dog puzzle toys that have treats inside can help keep dogs busy as they smell something good inside the puzzle and determine how to get it.

Scent games can also be set up around the house. Treats are placed under boxes or in cups, and your dog uses their sense of smell to discover where the treats are. In addition to keeping your dog busy, scent games may appeal to your pup’s love of sniffing.