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Dog Treat Dispensing Toys

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Dog Treat Dispensing Toys

Meant to put your pup’s puzzling solving skills to the test, these treat dispensing dog toys feature a unique way to contain treats and special surprises for your hardworking pooch. Treat dispensing toys are ideal for busy pet parents that want to ensure their dog is getting enough mental stimulation throughout the day. After all, some bored dogs may seek out other ways to curb boredom, such as chewing on items they’re not supposed to.

Choose from a diverse range of play time options, from simple rubber treat dispensing dog toys to interactive treat puzzles. Simply fill the toy with your dog’s favorite treat, such as peanut butter or store bought treats (and ensure the treats you’re including within the toy are safe for dogs). If you have any questions about which treats are best for your dog, consult your veterinarian.

FAQs about Dog Treat Dispensing Toys

Some dogs may benefit from the additional mental stimulation provided by a treat dispensing toy. If you have a bored puppy, a treat dispensing toy may help curb unwanted behavior, such as destructive chewing.

Yes, you may consider feeding your puppy out of a treat dispensing ball instead of their bowl. This will help make meal time an exciting experience, and also stimulate your pup’s senses.

At Petco we offer a wide selection of toys designed to entertain your pooch. Find chew toys, ropes and tug toys, squeaky balls, and more. It’s important that you provide your dog with age and size appropriate toys.

That will depend on the size and life stage of your pooch. Be sure to review product details to learn more about which types of treat dispensing toys are most appropriate for your dog.