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Dog Chew Toys

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Dog Chew Toys and Rubber Toys

Whether you have a teething puppy or rambunctious adult, dogs tend to chew on whatever they can find. Find a variety of durable chew toys designed for all life stages and chewing habits at Petco.

FAQs about Dog Chew Toys

You can hand wash toys with hot water and mild dish soap. You may also be able to place your dog’s toys in the top shelf of the dishwasher. Be sure to review product packaging to learn the best way to clean your dog’s toys.

We recommend reviewing product packaging to determine whether a toy is appropriately sized for your pooch. Some toys, particularly small ones, may pose a choking hazard depending on your dog’s size. So you should take great care in finding dog toys most suited for your dog’s size and chewing habits.

We recommend providing your feline with toys made specifically for cats. You can find ball toys, catnip, chew toys, teasers and wands at Petco.

Hard rubber toys and nylon bones can be good choices for aggressive chewers.

If you believe your dog has ingested a piece of a chew toy, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.