Dog Recovery Cones

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Dog Recovery Cones

Help give your dog a stress-free recovery period. Gone are the days of the “cone of shame,” that only added more discomfort to your pup’s recovery. Today dog cones can be soft and comfortable, acting more like a pillow than a hindrance to their happiness. But these dog recovery collars are still functional in keeping your pet from licking or chewing their wounds. And dog cones can even be used temporarily to keep your dog from licking any topical ointments on their skin. Keep in mind, dogs rarely enjoy wearing recovery collars. So be sure to provide plenty of treats and extra love to help support their recovery. You may even consider building positive associations with an e-collar prior to surgery by working on some training exercises. This will help your dog adjust to life in a collar and minimize added stress to their recovery process. Shop Petco for an assortment of dog first aid and paw care, including bandages, test kits, pain medicine, and wound sprays.

Frequently Asked Questions

To fit a cone properly, place it over their head and ensure it’s not too loose or too tight. It should extend just far enough past their nose so they can’t make contact with their skin, but not too far so that they can’t eat or drink.

Dog cones are used to aid the healing process and keep our dogs from further damaging or infecting wounds.

Your dog should wear a cone as long as they have vulnerable spots on their body. Whether it’s a wound they shouldn’t bite, or a topical balm they shouldn’t lick. Most dogs get used to it after a day or so.

Yes! Dogs should keep their cone on the entire duration of their recovery period—on walks, while they eat, and sleep—so that they become more accustomed to wearing it.

Dog cones are made with the right materials and dimensions to work correctly while keeping your pet secure. We don’t recommend trying to DIY one yourself.