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dog grooming tables & arms | grooming tables for dogs

Come to Petco for dog grooming tables and arms when you want to give your four-legged family member a salon-style sprucing from home.

A dog grooming table is ideal for pet parents who own a pup requiring intensive coat care or for those that enjoy the bond established during primping. Designed to prop your pup up safely, Petco carries grooming tables for dogs that make the styling process easier on you and your pup. You’ll find that many grooming tables for dogs feature a sturdy design for increased stability and adjustable legs allowing you to raise or lower it for the perfect height. Additionally, many of these stands feature a textured surface to aid in reducing slipping.

Having two hands free to fine-tune your four-legged family member’s fur can be tricky without the proper equipment. Fortunately, Petco’s selection of dog grooming table arms can lend you a hand. Most pups get a little nervous being up off the ground, and it can be difficult keeping them still while you preen them. Dog grooming table arms attach to the existing raised surface using adjustable clamps. This invaluable accessory is a must have if you plan on raising your pup’s look up to new heights. A security loop attaches to the arm to help keep your pooch secure.

Come to Petco for dog grooming tables and arms, whether you plan to start your own pet stylist business, or you love to give your furry family member a tailored trim.