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dog shampoos: best dog shampoos & brands

When your furred family member needs a good scrub, come to Petco for the best dog shampoos to keep them looking and feeling fresh. Your pup may not want a scrubbing as often as their pet parents insist. However, the dirty truth is that bathing them will help keep their skin and coat healthy as well as give you a chance to spot problem areas.

Whether your pup loves to run in the great outdoors or lives exclusively inside, they’ll need a bath occasionally. Petco has a full range of the best dog shampoos to keep your canine clean. Just like you may pick a shampoo that is formulated for your hair type, your pup will appreciate having the best possible dog shampoo for their coat. Petco has a vast selection of dog shampoos available that are formulated for your pet. If your dog has sensitive skin or is irritated by seasonal allergies, there are lines of oatmeal and hypo-allergenic based products that help relive dry itchy skin. There are also dog shampoos that specialize in ridding your pup of dander or reduce excessive shedding.

There are other times where your pet is going to need a bath to take care of an immediate issue. If your pup is itchy from crawling critters, then bathing them in a medicated flea and tick dog shampoo will help kill the parasites hanging on your hound. If your pooch has the misfortunate of meeting the wrong end of a skunk, Petco offers several skunk odor removal dog shampoos to get your canine cuddly close again.

Pick up some of the best dog shampoo products at Petco to keep your pet positively posh looking.