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Dog Running Leashes, Bike Leashes and Hands-Free Leashes

If you and your dog like to get out and get some exercise, a hands-free leash can be the way to go. The next time you lace up your running shoes, your pup can come too and get some much-needed exercise along with you. A dog running leash is just like a traditional dog leash on the dog’s end, but it loops around your waist, so you don’t have to hold on to your end while you run.

FAQs About Hands-Free Dog Leashes

The best dog leash for running is one with various features that help make exercising with your pet fun and easy. Here are a few functional qualities you might look for when choosing the best dog hands-free leash for you and your pup: 

  • Pockets You may not want to carry your phone, keys or doggie bags in your hands while running, so a leash with storage space might be ideal.
  • Reflectors or lightsReflective dog leashes can help keep you and your dog more protected from accidents by increasing visibility and can be especially important while exercising at night—no matter how dark the road is.
  • Variable settings You might want your waist leash to also function as a standard leash for everyday walks or to have the option to use it as a double dog leash to walk two dogs simultaneously.ilk
  • Shock absorbers A good hands-free lead for dogs has absorbers to provide slack at the end of the leash for when your pup sprints ahead or suddenly slows down, helping to allow you more time to get back in sync.

Hands-free dog leashes can be suitable for dogs when used properly. Make sure your waist leash is attached correctly to both yourself and your dog before exercising. Keep in mind that some dogs will often try their hardest to keep up with you—sometimes without regard to their own health. Whether on foot or on your bike, maintain an appropriate pace for your dog that won’t overtire them.