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Double Dog Leashes & Couplers

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Double Dog Leashes and Couplers

If you’re a family made up of multiple pups, you may have experienced the hassle of tangled leashes on your walks. No matter how well-behaved your dogs are, having two or more pets on multiple leashes can have its challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re walking more than one pup, you may find it easier to walk them together on a double dog leash. These types of leashes often work best for dogs who are:

  • Already leash trained Using a double collar dog leash can take some getting used to, so these leashes usually work well for pups who already do well on solo leashed walks.
  • Pals with their leash buddy If you have dogs that don’t get along very well, using two separate leashes, or even walking the dogs apart, may work best.
  • A similar size and activity level If you have a larger pup paired with a small dog or older dog, they may need to walk at different speeds.

Many pet parents find that walking two dogs on a double collar dog leash can keep your pups’ leashes from getting tangled or even just simplify the walking process. It may take just a bit of training for your dogs, but many coupled canines enjoy a walk on a double dog leash.

Using a double collar dog leash for two differently sized dogs might be challenging. Bigger dogs may try to dominate the walk and pull the smaller pup around. If your larger dog is older or less active than your smaller pup, a double leash may be fine. If not, separate leashes can be a better option for your walks.

Ready to get both your pups on one leash? Before your next walk, shop for a double collar dog leash online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.