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Personalized Dog Harnesses

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Custom Dog Harnesses

Slender, stout, tall, long or tiny—dog bodies come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes, which means they need dog harnesses to match. Petco has a range of dog harnesses that are made to be comfortable, adjustable for your dog’s exact specifications—and that allow further personalization through monogramming with your pup’s name or any other creative messages. The best personalized dog harness will be as unmistakable as your one-of-a-kind pet.

FAQs About Custom Dog Harnesses

Choosing the best dog harness, collar or leash is part of responsible pet parenting. If you’re trying to decide whether a custom harness is right for you and your pet, consider the benefits of the harness:

  • Discourages pulling Harnesses can help make it harder for your dog to drag you along. While collars are great for holding ID tags, harnesses—whether attached at the chest, back or shoulders—helping to discourage pulling and may make walks easier.
  • More control Harnesses give you more control over your dog’s movement, allowing for gentle redirection or lifting. A large dog harness is an especially good idea for big, excited dogs who need a little extra help navigating crowds.
  • Less neck strain A custom-made dog harness that fits your dog well doesn’t strain one specific part of the body, the way collars can potentially do on dogs’ necks.
  • Harder to slip off Custom dog harnesses that fit snugly around your dog’s body and are personalized with your dog’s name help eliminate the risk that your dog will slip out of their collar and be on the loose with no tags.

Your personalized dog harness should fit closely around your dog’s body without being too tight. It shouldn’t be loose, but you should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog’s body to make sure there’s no pinching. Petco’s dog collars and harnesses guide can help you find the right size and fit for your pup.

Have you ever looked at a dog harness and wondered how the heck to turn that tangle of straps into something your dog can wear? Don’t worry—it’s not as confusing as it may seem. Each style of custom harness requires a slightly different method for getting onto your dog’s body. Helping your dog with a harness usually involves wrapping straps and buckles around your dog’s body or helping your dog step into leg holes. Petco’s range of dog harnesses includes some of the best no-pull and step-in dog harnesses that are made to fit securely and quick to put on.

Coastal Pet is a brand beloved by many pet parents for custom dog harnesses. Because Coastal makes a range of harnesses to fit dogs of all sizes, shapes and needs, each Coastal dog harness is styled a bit differently. Many Coastal Pet harnesses have step-in styles with adjustable straps so you can tailor the fit to your dog’s body.

No matter how cute your pup looks in their monogrammed dog harness, they’re likely to feel uncomfortable when hanging out at home while wearing a harness for extended periods. It’s best to put your dog’s harness on when going out and remove it and replace it with a collar once you get home.