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Outdoor Dog Beds

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Outdoor Dog Beds

Before choosing an outdoor dog bed for your furry friend, take note of how they sleep. For dogs who like to curl up and snuggle, round or oval beds with bolster support are great options. On the other hand, if your canine likes open space, a rectangle bed allows them to sprawl out. Orthopedic memory foam beds relieve pressure points for senior pets and give a little extra cushion for canines of all ages. Once you’ve selected the right outdoor bed, place it in your dog’s favorite hangout spot. Whether it’s the deck, patio, or dog house, they’ll appreciate their new resting space.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best outdoor dog bed will depend on your pup’s individual needs. At Petco we offer a wide variety of dog beds, including bolster, cooling, elevated, heated, memory foam, and orthopedic. You can also conveniently shop by breed size.

Depending on the dog bed you select, you may be able to simply wipe the bed clean or machine wash it. Be sure to review manufacturer information for the proper care instructions for your bed.

Certain dog bed materials may provide a level of water resistance against unwanted accidents or spills. Be sure to review manufacturer information to learn more about whether a product is water resistant, as individual products may vary.