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Dog Furniture Protection

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Dog Furniture Protection

Relaxing on the couch with your dog can be one of the best ways to pass the day, but between paws and fur, your furniture might show signs of wear. Even if your pet doesn’t mean to cause harm, they can leave behind fur, stains and unpleasant odors on your furniture. The solution? Dog furniture protection from Petco can make it possible for your dog to lounge all day long without sacrificing your expensive furniture. It can also be an excellent solution if you’ll be out for the day or for when you have a pet sitter coming over.

FAQs About Dog Furniture Protection

Dogs are drawn to your big, comfy couch, especially if you and other members of your family are sitting on it. However, your pet can also bring along lots of dog hair with them as well as whatever mud or dirt they picked up on their most recent walk.

Furniture pet protection covers can be a good option. They come in different forms and sizes. Partial covers will cover a section of your couch, which you can designate as your dog’s couch area. You can also find waterproof pet furniture protectors that can shield your furniture from puppy accidents or drool.

Purchasing a pet furniture protector might not be enough to keep your pet from damaging your furniture. If you buy a partial cover, you’ll need to train your dog to only use that section of the couch. Placing dog toys on that portion of the couch can attract your dog. Another good option is to place dog beds and bedding on that portion of the couch so your dog can feel extra comfortable.

The best furniture pet protection cover will depend on your dog’s behaviors and what issues bother you the most. Is your dog a heavy shedder? Then look for a pet hair furniture protection product. Does your pet have accidents on the furniture? A pet furniture protector that is waterproof will be ideal in this situation.

When shopping for dog furniture protection, you’ll also want to find a product that matches your existing décor and color scheme so that it blends in with the rest of your room. Fortunately, Petco offers a great variety of furniture protectors in different colors, sizes and styles.

While shopping for furniture protection, consider our grooming and bathing products as well. Brushing and washing your dog regularly can help prevent smells, stains and fur from ending up on your furniture in the first place.