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Dog Crate Mats & Pads

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Dog Crate Mats and Pads

Peaceful pups need a comfortable place to rest their heads. That's why we offer a variety of plush dog pads and dog mats. They can be used on their own for relaxing in the open or placed inside a dog crate, carrier or kennel. ust make sure that whichever dog pad you buy fits comfortably inside the crate, both when the door is open and closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend aiming for comfort when it comes to your dog’s crate. A mat helps you achieve that goal.

A crate mat helps protect your carpet since the dog rests on the mat rather than the carpet. Additionally, you can find a rubber or plastic floor mat that you can place the crate on.

Simply place the dog mat inside the crate so your pup has a comfortable place to rest. We also suggest adding a soft blanket and fun toy to help make the crate feel like home.