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Dog Onesies & Dog Pajamas

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Dog Pajamas

Nothing spells cozy like a warm, comfy set of pajamas. Your favorite set of pajamas, hoodies or onesies can be as comforting as a warm hug—why not let your dog in on the cozy feeling as well?

Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs come equipped with a furry coat to help keep them warm and protect them from the elements but can sometimes benefit from an extra layer to stay warm. Some small breeds—like Chihuahuas—originate from warm climates, so they may be unprepared if you live in a cold climate.

Dog clothes can help small canines or senior dogs retain their body heat, and they can make our timid pups feel more secure—dog anxiety vests are great to have on hand during thunderstorms or loud noises like fireworks.

Dressing up our pets can also be a lot of fun. For many pet parents, their dogs are like their children, and they want to dress them in fun styles and cute outfits that fit their personalities.

Petco is your one-stop shop for everything you need. We carry matching dog and owner outfits, as well as Petco pet parent pajamas that perfectly complement their doggie counterparts.

That really depends on your dog. If your dog tends to overheat at night, you may want to take off their pajamas before bed. Our pajamas are designed with comfort in mind, but if your dog is showing any signs that they're uncomfortable, it’s best to remove the pajamas, especially before bed.

It’s best to take a measurement of their neck, chest and back. Make sure you measure at the widest part of each section. After you get those measurements, you want to add 2-inches to both the chest and the back measurements, so the clothing is comfortable for your dog.

If something is ill-fitting, it’s important to exchange it for the right size. Dog outfits can be a lot of fun, but only if your dog is comfortable in the outfits and they enjoy wearing them.