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Flea Combs for Dogs & Effective Tick Removal Tools

Remove pests with Petco’s selection of flea combs for dogs and tick removal tools. If your furry family member has been biting and scratching excessively, they may have an infestation. Although these insects are tiny, they cause tons of grief and carry diseases that can affect your pup’s health. Flea combs for dogs separate the layers of your canine’s coat so you can detect these tiny terrors. Featuring finely spaced metal teeth, flea combs aid in trapping fleas, flea eggs, larvae, and other bugs.

If you notice incessant scratching, check your dog for fleas. It’s best to take them outside to prevent pests from escaping into your home. Once outside, have a bucket of warm water mixed with soap to rinse the comb and trap insects. For pets with thick coats or long fur, use a wide-spaced comb to remove tangles first. Using the flea comb, work through your dog’s coat beginning at the head, neck, and shoulders, continuing to the back and tail. A second combing may be necessary to remove lingering pests. While flea combs for dogs are effective, you might need to expand your treatment plan to include shampoos, topicals or sprays for serious infestations.

For pet parents and dogs who live in heavily-wooded areas, you’re no stranger to making sure you and your pet are protected. However, even the most effective treatments may not prevent a tick tagalong. Having a removal tool like the tick twister is a safe and easy way to take care of them. Tick removal tools not only extract the body, but also the head, which if left behind can cause a secondary infection.

Safeguard your pet against pests with flea combs and tick removal tools. Both provide an affordable solution for your pup’s worst nightmare. When used weekly, flea combs for dogs can stop infestations before they get out of control. Tick removal tools help prevent harmful ailments such as Lyme disease, from threatening your dog’s health. Ready to get your pup back to living their best life? Shop flea and tick removal products at Petco to keep your furry pal happy and thriving!