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Dog Flea Bombs & Foggers

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      Flea Bombs and Foggers

      Flea bombs and foggers are small, 2-to 3-ounce aerosol cans that contain pesticides. When released, they fill the area, typically a single room, with a flea-killing aerosol. Foggers may be effective in eliminating fleas on surfaces and in penetrating areas to kill pests lurking in crevices. They are part of a whole-home flea-control strategy that starts with putting your pet on a monthly preventive plan.  

      FAQs About Flea Bombs

      We recommend reviewing manufacturer packaging. Efficacy will vary by product.

      Humans and pets must leave home when a flea bomb is deployed and not return until an appropriate amount of time has elapsed, as indicated on product instructions.

      We recommend reviewing manufacturer packaging. Times will vary.