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Flea Bombs Safe for Pets: How to Prepare for Indoor Use

Before deciding to use a flea bomb, you may be wondering whether or not they’re safe. To get to the root of this, it’s important to understand what flea foggers are and how to incorporate them into your flea control plan. First off, flea bombs and foggers are small 2-3 ounce aerosol cans that contain insecticide. You’ll find most flea bombs safe for pets contain the same active ingredients, permethrin and pyrethrin, used in flea pills, shampoos and topical treatments.

If you think your pup is suffering from an infestation, we strongly recommend consulting your vet. They’ll help you choose the best flea treatment and inform more about removing fleas from your home. If you decide to move forward with a flea bomb, you’ll need to prepare your home. Read the product label to find the recommended amount of time everyone, including your pet, will need to be gone. For the flea fogger to be most effective, open doors to infested rooms and furniture. This ensures the chemicals travel to areas where fleas may be hiding out.

Next, store or cover items you don’t want coming into contact with chemicals such as toiletries, food, utensils, and anything else you can think of. It’s much easier to stow these items versus cleaning them after treatment. Since flea fogger ingredients can be flammable, turn off all lights and unplug electrical devices. To be extra safe, you can extinguish the pilot light. Right before you’re ready to deploy the bomb, close all windows to trap the chemicals in your home. Vacuuming gets fleas active and increases the likelihood they’ll be killed.

While flea bombs safe for pets contain the same active ingredients as other common treatments, it’s strongly advised to read all product labels. They’ll inform you of the amount of time to keep pets away and how to reintegrate them into your home. It’s also important to ensure your pup is pest-free and consider different flea treatments to prevent infestations before returning. Ready to take control of your home? Browse and read reviews of flea and tick bombs available at Petco!