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Dog Poop Bags & Dispensers

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Dog Poop Bags and Dispensers

You may think there’s nothing glamorous about poop bags, but cleaning up after our dogs actually can create a safer environment for ourselves, our neighbors and other dogs. Choose an eye-catching poop bag holder in your favorite color so you never forget to grab it before heading out on your walks, or better yet, attach a dispenser to your pup’s leash so it’s with you wherever you go.

FAQs about Dog Poop Bags and Dispensers

The best dog poop bag depends on your pup, and your preferences. We have scented, colorful, ultra tough, and more bags to choose from.

Some of the brands we sell at Petco include eco-friendly dog poop bags, and some of the packaging comes from recycled materials.

That depends on the brand and type of dog poop bag you’re buying. You can easily check the description and attributes of each product we sell.

The best way to pick up dog poop is to use the bag as a glove when picking up the poop, flip the bag around with your other hand so that the poop is secured inside, and tie it tight.

If there are no public trash cans around, you’ll need to carry the bag with you until you can throw it away at home. Or if you’re in a dog-friendly park, there are usually a number of waste receptacles available.