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catnip: plants, sprays, treats & dried organic catnip

Come to Petco for a collection of catnip plants, sprays, and assorted treats that will have your precious pet purring with pleasure.

Our human sense of smell can provide plenty of stimulating reactions when we catch a whiff of something we love; the aroma of a hot cooked meal, captivating perfume or cologne, the freshly pressed pages of a new book. As enticing as those scents can be to us, they’re nothing compared to the effect catnip can have on your pet kitty. Catnip is a minty herb that grabs hold of your cat’s senses like nothing else – literally, as each feline can have wildly different reactions to this plant. They might try chewing on it, playing with it, even rubbing their bodies over it as they purr contentedly. The effect lasts only a few minutes before your kitty starts to calm down, but can be “reactivated” after an hour or two away from the herb.

If you’re looking for a snack or play time option that will stimulate your feline – when their usual play time distractions aren’t as enticing as before – Petco’s collection of catnip plants, sprays, and organic treats can be just the thing to hold their attention. Catnip treats are an especially welcome option for pet parents who need help calming a rambunctious or overly stressed cat. Choose from a large selection of products that deliver catnip to your pet, or pick up some catnip plants for a continuous supply of this stimulating herb. If you’re trying to get you feline from flocking to your furniture when they need something to scratch and claw at, a special can of catnip spray can redirect their attention to their own scratching post.

Pick up some catnip sprays, plants, and other treats for your favorite feline from Petco.