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Cat Chew Toys

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Cat Chew Toys

Treat your kitten or adult cat to Petco’s large selection of cat chew toys. Check out Petco’s assortment of colors, materials and styles to find the best toys for your playful feline. We even have kitten teething toys in a range of designs, including plush animals, wiggle worms and standard teething rings, to give your growing kitten a satisfying surface to chew and nibble. Chew toys for cats are great for bat and chase play. Toss toys or buy bouncy toys to engage your cat’s lively pounce. Some cat chew toys have dangling balls, knotted streamers and ropes to entice playful behavior. Others crinkle and make sounds when they are squeezed.

FAQs About Cat Chew Toys

Yes, there are chew toys designed for cats. Never let your cat play with or chew on dangerous household items like paper clips, string, ribbon, yarn, rubber bands, pins, milk jug rings or anything else that's small enough for your cat to choke on or swallow. Instead, choose toys that are specifically made for cats to reduce these risks.

Yes, so you should always use a toy when playing with a kitten and never your hands.

Each kitty is different, but if your growing kitten is experiencing some discomfort, teething toys are a useful option.