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Cat Litter Box Mats

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Cat Litter Box Mats

Help make every litter box visit a little less messy with a kitty litter mat. Many mats feature a nonskid underside to help prevent it from shifting away from the litter box. After your feline does their business and exits their box, leftover granules on their paws get trapped in the mat’s grooves or raised ridges, helping to keep your floors tidier.

FAQs About Cat Litter Box Mats

Use a litter mat to help reduce litter scatter outside the pan as your cat enters and exits.

It depends. Litter mats are available in a variety of materials. Consult your product specifications for proper washing instructions.

Generally speaking, litter mats all function the same way. So the best litter mat for you will largely depend on you choosing the mat that best meets your personal aesthetic.