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Cat Urinary Care

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    Urinary Care for Cats

    Cats are sometimes prone to urinary issues. If you have a cat, chances are you might have to tend to your cat’s urinary care with medicine, special foods or urinary health cat treats at some point. While having a sick pet can be discouraging, Petco’s cat deals can ease the strain of caring for an ailing kitty.

    FAQs About Urinary Care for Cats

    Urinary infections are not uncommon in cats. If your cat seems under the weather, keep an eye out for the following symptoms, which could be signs of a urinary problem:

    • Frequent urination A cat with a UTI may use the litter box more often than usual. Pay special attention to whether your cat urinates more frequently but produces very little urine each time.
    • Straining or pain If your cat seems to be making a great effort to urinate or shows signs of painful urination—such as meowing, crying or other vocalizations during urination—an infection or blockage could be to blame.
    • Urinating outside the litter box Cats with urinary infections don’t always make it to the litter box in time to relieve themselves.
    • Licking Your cat may resort to frequent licking in the genital, hindquarters or abdominal region in an attempt to ease the discomfort of a urinary infection.

    If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to consult a veterinarian. In addition to the treatment plan recommended by your vet, you may want to incorporate cat urinary treats into your kitty’s daily care in order to help stave off future infections.

    Cats who have experienced urinary health issues may benefit from a special diet. The top cat food formulations for UTI-prone felines have specially balanced ingredients that provide the right nutrition to support a healthy urinary tract. Too much or too little of certain minerals in your cat’s food can lead to the formation of bladder stones, and some cats may benefit from wet food for increased hydration and a lower risk of urinary infection. Talk to your vet about the right food for your cat’s urinary health, and count on Petco when you’re ready to find the best supplement for cat urinary health for your feline friend.