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Hairball Control for Cats

Along with cleaning litterboxes and finding scratch-friendly furniture, hairballs may seem like just another part of being a cat parent. But there are various ways to help keep your cat’s hairballs from becoming an issue. Habits like regular grooming, discouraging your cat from overgrooming and providing them with hairball control treatments can all help deter furballs.

FAQs About Cat Hairballs

To help your cat safely pass a hairball, make sure they eat enough fiber in their diet by feeding them small meals of hairball cat food or other high-fiber options. You can also use a hairball remedy called gastric lubricant to help sweep hair through their digestive tract. Additionally, give them plenty of water and ensure they’re getting regular exercise to keep the hair moving through their system.

There are some home remedies to help treat hairballs in your cat, but before you try anything you’ve read online, be sure to consult your vet. The most natural way to prevent hairballs from forming is to stay on top of regular grooming and brushing to help keep them free of excessive hair and fur. You can also use a hairball treatment for cats with natural ingredients to help with their digestion. Some of our hairball control solutions include supplements that naturally help eliminate and prevent hairballs with ingredients like pumpkin or with safflower and canola oils.

If your pet has too much hair buildup that isn’t able to be passed, there is a potential of the hairball causing an obstruction to their upper intestinal tract. A block like this can cause vomiting, appetite loss, abdominal pain and loss of electrolytes if not appropriately treated.

Prevention and treatment of your cat’s hairballs are important parts of their overall wellness plan. If you suspect your cat has a hairball that can’t be passed, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Keep your pet more comfortable by helping to lessen your kitty’s unwanted hairballs by buying your cat furball treatments and hairball cat food online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.